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Driver management

All the drivers we hired are required to have the experience of driving trucks for more than 3 years. In order to improve the driving skills、 master the business process and control the occurrence of variety events, we strengthen the drivers management in following aspects.

1 ,driver training

Our company will undertake the driver training in batches and invite personages and professional managers in this industry to give lessons to drivers and their families so as to improve the safety awareness of drivers and their families that they can remind each other. We will try our beat to decrease the safety threats by enhancing the connection between drivers and their families. The content of driver training contains nine aspects:
driving principles
driving customs
the awareness of service
inspection of vehicle condition
scheduled maintenance
traffic knowledge
insurance knowledge
accident case analysis
risk management.

2,improving the driving skills

Our company keep long-term cooperation with Shenzhen Jiyunxiang training trailer driver corporation attached to Shenzhen container trailer association. We encourage our drivers to participate in annual driving skills competition and award the drivers in good performance aiming at improving their driving skills.

3,all bad habits are forbidden for drivers:

No drinking before driving
No playing cards before driving
No driving with missing documents
No driving in illness

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