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Enterprise culture

Mission statement

We will create value for clients and seek goods for our staff consistently.

Enterprise vision

We aim at becoming a trustworthy partner for all clients life, and an influential and competitive logistics enterprise in the industry.

Enterprise objective

We make efforts to be a logistics enterprise that clients are trustworthy.

Enterprise values

Client focus

•We live to serve our clients who are resource of the essence of our survival and development. We must strive to meet the reasonable demands that clients make for our services consistently. we must remember that everything is impossible without clients’ support.
•Everyone has responsibility to finish events of clients just as finish ourselves’.
•We are concerned about and observe the demands of wharf、shipping companies、customs offices around and clients for secondary sale or multi-service sale, providing lifelong services to our clients and never bring anything unpleasant to them.
•We mustn’t ignore problems that clients pose and liberate them from worry. We must solve problems and give clients feedback in time.
staff first
•The staff are the cornerstone of enterprise development. We must adhere to “people-oriented” and ”fighter-oriented” concept.
•Staff are the wealth of enterprise, which means everyone will create value directly or indirectly for the enterprise. Thus we must treat our staff as family and try our best to make our staff and their families happy.
•Staff creating value and teamwork are the fundamental for enterprise development, because all the accomplishments are created by them.
•Investment in talent is one of the most important investment for enterprise development.

Live up to our words

•Line true in word and resolute in deed
•We will go all out to finish the plans and objectives we set without any excuses.
•Do not make promise easily. If we do, we must keep our promise. Once we couldn’t finish it, we must be willing to be punished and accept the shame.
•important commitment should be based on written document to avoid the conflict between two sides to the greatest extent.
•For the events that we promise or are handed over, we will give our feedback in time and complete them according to the requirement within the prescribed time.

Hard work

•We should have the awareness of crisis and misery in mind, and keep perseverance,consistent mending our ways and quitting delay in our action. Do all the things related to work in office hour, and out of hours we should spend more time to study and finish those we have not finished in work.
•Facing difficulties, we should tackle the difficulties head on to address them through seeking resolutions and thoughts not excuse.
•As young people, we should devote ourselves to work. The vital cause to make people different is what we did in our spare time.
•We should persist in studying, self-improvement and what we did should stick to result as the guide.

Disadvantage is a blessing

•We should look at life in a long-term view. People willing to suffer losses will never lose. They take small losses for the sake of big gains.
•Life is a process that you reap what you sow . No pains, no gains.
•We should hold the belief that all efforts will be paid back.
•In fact, from the view of the development in the people ‘s whole life, shrewd doesn’t mean intelligence and intelligence is not equal to wisdom.
•So many people risk ruining their lives to obtain short-term interests in the use of shrewd. A man without distant care must have near sorrow.

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